Finding Earth 2.0 explores the technologies and processes to definitively find a planet outside our solar system capable of supporting Earth-evolved or terran life, as well as the impact of the indisputable discovery of an Earth analogue or Earth 2.0, so to speak.

Presenters, speakers, and attendees at the Symposium asked questions and sought answers to what specific capabilities and systems—scientific, technical, and societal—will be needed over the next five to twenty-five years, not to merely suggest or catalog Earth analogue candidate exoplanets, but to identify at least one definitive Earth 2.0.

Finding Earth 2.0 has profound implications for technology, knowledge, and systems across the spectrum of human experience, skills, capacities, perspectives, and ambitions with each new milestone reached. All are a true part of a bold, audacious journey.

“Finding Earth 2.0 has profound implications across the spectrum of human experience . . . ”

- Dr. Mae Jemison